Glucophage: Usage Directions and Precautions

Glucophage contains Metformin as the active ingredient, an agent that can help to keep the blood sugar levels within acceptable limits in patients of diabetes Mellitus or diabetes type 2. With adult onset diabetes patients, this medication is usually prescribed with a set of lifestyle changes such as dietary restrictions and regular physical activity.Not only does Glucophage cause the liver to produce less glucose but it also increases the body’s insulin sensitivity and causes marginal weight loss by lowering blood fats.

Important Precautions:

  • It should not be taken by patients who have pre-existing conditions such as kidney or liver impairment, heart or lung disease, chronic metabolic acidosis or diabetic ketoacidosis. So discuss all you health conditions with your doctor before you start treatment.
  • Also let your doctor know if you have other medical conditions such as thyroid or pituitary disease, adrenal insufficiency or hormonal problems.
  • Do not take it, if you are prone to alcohol abuse.
  • Do not take Glucophage or any other Metformin containing medication 2 days before or after having an X-ray using injectible contrast agents such as radioactive iodide. You may even have to stop taking this medication a few days before and after your scheduled surgical or dental procedure.
  • Though hypoglycemia is a rare side effect of Glucophage (unlike other diabetic medications) it can happen and hence you should discuss with your health care professional and know of ways to prevent its occurrence.
  • The doctor may advise periodic blood and urine tests from the patient so as to keep an eye on the blood glucose levels and also to find any complications just when they start so that a full on onslaught can be prevented.

Glucophage Medication

How To Use Directions:

  • Take Glucophage in the exact manner and dosage as tit has been prescribed to you. It is not recommended for children and neither should it be used by pregnant women. The starting dose for adults is of 500mg two times as day, usually with meals but this may be increased periodically within the daily total limit of 2000 to 2550mgs. If you skip a dose of Glucophage, consult a doctor.
  • Do not take double dosages of this medication to make up for your missed dose unless your doctor has explicitly asked you to do so. If you notice any symptoms of overdose or allergies or even any side effects, talk to your health care professional immediately.
  • Do not take this medicine while you are breastfeeding your infant, before you have understood all the risks that this poses.

2 Responses to Glucophage: Usage Directions and Precautions

  1. Gil Wilson says:

    I have been on Glucophage for just over 2 years and I have never experienced any side effects.

  2. Scotty M says:

    Combining alcohol use with your Glucophage course can be serious for your health and sometimes even fatal for that matter.

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